Wondergarden is a family business built from shared experiences of loved ones. Our team is passionate about fostering children's development and supporting parents by being their community. Our vision is based on the connection that children have to their families, communities, peers and our society.

Our Mission

At wondergarden our focus is creating fun and safe premium daycare destinations that support your children to excel through:

  •  Highly educated and passionate teachers  

  • Learning activities to suit your child's individual needs

  • Free play to nurture creativity and confidence

  • Top quality and clean learning spaces     

Education & Passion

Our teachers are formally qualified and supported to further their education through structured learning and are selected based on their passion for early childhood learning.

Learning to suit individual needs

We support a learning environment that adapts to children's needs, ensuring that everyone is catered for. 

Free play

We remain flexible and give kids the freedom to create their own learning through play, games, art and other activities. 

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New & clean learning spaces

Funky, quality destinations that inspire kids to explore their interests while having fun.