Wondergarden is one of Australia's leading premium early learning providers for kids from nursery age to preschool.  We aim to simplify the lives' of parents all the while making daycare learning fun, educational, facilitated in a place that kids want to be. 


Come and see why both kids and parents choose us for nursery to preschool care. 

How do we do this?




No late fees!

We understand being a parent is tough and

at times life can get in the way of your schedule. That's why we will never charge you a late fee as long as you arrive to collect your child within our childcare centre opening hours. 


Outstanding  value and simplicity

The last thing parents have time for after a full day is preparing for the next one. That's why when you enrol at wondergarden you receive a simple pricing structure that includes everything! Such as:

·  all meals          

·  nappies

·  hat

·  toiletries

·  drink bottle, plate  & cutlery

·  sun screen & hat

·  bed linen (and washing!) 


Flexible & Extra Days

We have options that suit your busy lifestyle including ability to change days you attend as well as adding extra days for those unforeseen life scenarios you can't plan for. 

Quality Teaching

Our teaching staff are passionate and professional early childhood educators. All teachers are educated in early childhood education, first aid and are knowledgeable of legislation around early learning.


New & Clean

We pride ourselves on the presentation of our day care centres and the environment in which we create to nurture your child’s learning. Our childcare centres will always be clean, bright and a place your kids want to come and play. 

We want to make parents‘ lives as easy as possible, while providing an outstanding day care environemnt and supporting families with plenty of options. Get in touch with us today to hear what we offer as part of the wondergarden childcare experience.