Stuart Earl

Co-founder Wondergarden

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Diana Earl

Wondergarden Therapist 


Wondergarden is a family business built from shared experiences of loved ones. We know what it means for parents to depend on their local day care centre as their community support network. From our own experience and realising it was common among many parents, a vision for Wondergarden was born, based around the connection that children have to their families, their communities, their peers and society as a whole.


We know how important it is to have a community for support, being able to rely on that community to help nurture your children, fostering their development in a place that feels more like a second home, rather than simply a childminding service.  

Our teachers live to support parents in developing their child’s skills and knowledge giving them enough room for creativity and free play as well as offering support and empathy. Each one of our educators is empowered to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for all, knowing that this will allow the next generation to excel in the world while creating a community for all families.


I would be honoured for you and your child to become part of our Wonder-family!



In line with our core values, particularly Cultivating a Healthy Environment,  Wondergarden is founded in leading educational practices while being informed by human psychology to ensure our centres nurture inclusion, openness and learning for children and team members. 

Our in-house family therapist Diana, is passionate about helping others live a healthy and fulfilling life and has interests in the wellbeing of professionals.

As a trained counsellor who has worked in an array of different areas including trauma, wellbeing, social justice, family and individual therapy, Diana continues her work with youth, adults and families and has a special interest in family dynamics, anxiety and goal setting.

An avid and passionate public speaker, Diana delivers conferences, workshops and training to professionals across industries. 

Diana hold a Masters of Counselling, Graduate Certificate of Business Administration and dual Bachelor of Social Science and Arts degree.